We Are Serious About Safety

It is the policy of Battaglia Electric to follow operating practices and procedures that will ensure the safety, health and welfare of its employees, and to ensure that other persons affected by company operations are not exposed to safety, health and environmental risks.

Safety is a leadership responsibility! Every individual who supervises, directs or controls the work or actions of others is charged with conducting a safe and efficient operation at all times, and is responsible for the safety and health of each employee.

Safety is every employee’s responsibility! Each employee has the obligation for their own safety and health and that of others working with and around them. They are authorized to stop their work, or the work of others, if unsafe conditions develop or are observed.

Our Field Operations personnel refer to our safety smart app to access relevant sections of the safety manual, procedures and process controls, as well as our Work Method Statements for high-risk activities.

Risk Management / Hazard Recognition & Control
The safety team reviews the scope of work for projects and visits the worksite to create a Site-Specific Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) that lists all tasks for the job site and their mitigations.
Field Operations create a daily Job Specific Analysis for all tasks for the day and their mitigations. They answer these “Four Key Questions”
• What are the Critical Steps?
• What are the Error Likely Situations?
• What is the Worst Thing That Could Happen?
• What Defenses Are In-Place?
Field Operations can access the Site Specific JHA using the safety smart app to find defenses for any hazards associated with the day’s tasks.

Battaglia Electric Inc. (BEI) leadership encourages communication of good catches or near misses using the Good Catch Card program, rewarding Field Operations crew members that turn in a Good Catch Card. The Good Catch Card is shared with all employees as a learning experience.

The BEI safety team visits job sites to perform safety audits using an auditing app that presents 141 potential observation points to grade the job site for safety compliance. These reports are shared with the site foreman, project manager and the Battaglia Safety Council.

The Safety Council analyzes the data from these audits to give data-driven corrective actions, coaching and positive feedback.
In the unlikely event of a safety incident, The Safety Council creates a Lessons Learned document that is shared with all employees to communicate: Why it Matters, What Were the Causes and What Are the Corrective Actions.

To continue the Serious About Safety lifecycle, we provide both in-house and outside training to our Field Operations crews, share safety alerts and Daily Safety Toolbox Topics from our customers, vendors, general contracting and electrical association partners using our safety smart app.

Battaglia Electric Inc. seeks field-up-communication, our Field Operations crews constantly create innovative, safety-driven methods to perform tasks that reduce the potential for injury and increase productivity.

Subcontractors play an important role in the success of our projects. We are responsible for the actions of subcontractor employees when they are working with us to successfully deliver a quality product on time and in a safe manner. We ensure that our employees and theirs are provided with a safe working environment. Using the Subcontractor Safety Checklist to verify that all controls are in place with their safety program to make sure it meets or exceeds Battaglia Electric Inc’s.


Battaglia Electric’s culture is all about being a part of our family; therefore,

it is our responsibility to make sure every employee goes home every night to be with their loved ones.